Zhejiang Tianxin Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of leisure and fitness equipment.

Its trampoline products are leading in the country, especially the small trampoline, which has won unanimous praise. It is the preferred supplier of international large-scale supermarkets and world-renowned sports companies.

Tianxin always pays attention to the needs of employees and builds a harmonious home for the enterprise. Xinyi stands in the world to build a team of integrity, responsibility and responsibility. It adheres to the corporate mission of “creating a model of leisure and fitness and escorting the quality of life for all”, focusing on the health and fitness of the whole nation. Adhere to innovative technology, introduce advanced equipment, improve production environment, standardize management processes, etc., and strive to create healthy, safe and fashionable products for the whole people. It is also through the multi-channel, multi-resources, and resources of politics, schools, enterprises, exhibitions, and associations to create a new strategic platform for creating a win-win situation.

The world is wonderful for you, fitness is more healthy because of Tianxin, Tianxinpeople welcome you to visit, guide and cooperate with the company.

The success of a company depends on talents; the development of a company depends on culture; the culture of the company, the people of Tianxin are passed down from generation to generation, only for the hundred years of Tianxin

Company Culture

Brand concept: Quality is life, and people create products.

Brand value: to create Chinese-made products, to provide quality and quality services.

Enterprise Vision: Create a century-old enterprise, build a century-old brand, and always be an expert and leader in fitness equipment.

Enterprise mission: to create a model of leisure and fitness, escort the quality of life for all.

Entrepreneurial spirit: a group of people, a lifetime, a heart, one thing; touched themselves 

and led the trend.

The Honor

It can only be regarded as a quality classic after being able to withstand the tempering of time.

These honors, which are trusted by the users and recognized by the authorities, make Tianxin impressed and delighted.

So far, the honor we have received is due to the customer’s recognition of Tianxin’s quality.

The glory of development is a milestone towards success.

Tianxin will be full of passion to a higher goal…

The Development Path

· 1986 Zhejiang Tianxin Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. was established

· 1999 won the title of Top 100 Enterprises.

· 2005 Awarded the title of Top 100 Taxpayers for the first time in 2005

· 2007 Obtained two patents for trampoline and stepper invention

· 2010 won the title of Zhejiang Famous Brand Product

· 2011 self-operated exports exceeded 10 million yuan in Jinhua’s high-tech industries and taxed more than 10 million yuan

· 2012 Top Ten Industrial Investment Enterprises

· 2014 self-operated export exceeded 20 million yuan.Self-operated export advanced enterprise.Jinhua Enterprise Technology Center

· 2016 For the first time, the top 50 tax-paying companies signed a contract with Despicable Dad star-Wang Yiming.Won the title of Top 36 Taxpayers

Design concept

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Service system

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Construction process

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